51/14DA161 Dorota - 51/14DA058 John

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51/14DA161 Dorota - 51/14DA058 John

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This report was send to QRZ11 by Dorota and John.

51DA/APE001 - White Peak SOTA activity 28-29/08/2010

We went two times in Andorra with Dorota and cancelled our climbing to the White
Peak because off the poor propagation conditions... This time it was excellent, in fact I
had observed a significant change in temperature during the week and hope that will
help to have an "opening".

We left Toulouse on Saturday morning and during the trip to Andorra we already made
some nice contacts.

We arrived at the pass at 13:10 (UTC) and took the direction of the summit with our
bags + the radio equipment, at 15:00 (UTC) we were ready to transmit but it was very
quiet at the beginning...

We used an ICOM IC-7000 QRP (10W peak) powered by our LiFePO4 40Ah battery on
an half wave GP antenna who were mounted at only 2.5 meters from the ground in
this conditions we had a great pill up worthy a most wanted activation !

It was exceptional! It's been a long time since we had not been there (the last time
was on Gibraltar 55 Division) Brazil, all Europe, France...

QSO were chained quietly letting a minimal of time to the operators to take the mic,
and it allowed us to not less 132 contacts until 21:38 (UTC).

Night had fallen and the clouds had reached the top, it became very cold and we
decided to go back to the pass, it was a difficult return made thanks to our head-
lamps throughout clouds! We were so happy arriving to the car!

Sunday we went up made a few contacts and we can say that we spent a magical
moment at the White Peak summit his weekend.

We would like to thank all those who came to contact us on the air.

73 QRO

Dorota 51/14DA161 - John 51/14DA058
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