EQSL Anyone?

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EQSL Anyone?

Post by Pat-29QRZ11 »

Easy EQSL is open for business Sign up now, 11metereqsl.xyz/membership_signup.php

Manual version, (beta) .This is a EQSL maker, Upload an image, Fill in the fields, Click "save changes". Click "Preview EQSL" Click "Render EQSL", Click "DOWNLOAD EQSL."

Easy EQSL is live now for members , Link- 11metereqsl.xyz/index.php ,

The EQSL is downloaded so you can send it from your own personal email.

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Re: EQSL Anyone?

Post by qrz11 »

Hi Pat, We are bussy with the new Beta Version of QRZ11. Incl logbook with e QSL. :D
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