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The Radio Garden

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This was written by: Dave - W7UUU

Welcome to The Radio Garden

While not specifically amateur/11m radio, this is one of the coolest "radio related" web sites I've ever stumbled upon.

The Radio Garden project was developed beginning 2013 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, with a primary goal to "narrow boundaries for radio". You can read the Wiki article on the project here AT THIS LINK or click the Earth image below.

Think of a "Google Earth" sort of graphical interface, where you can circle the planet and select and listen to radio stations, large and small in market scope (based on the size of the dot you click), anywhere on earth where radio stations can be found. Or the station down the road in your own town. Over 8000 stations currently participate in the project.

It's easy to disappear into the "virtualized airwaves" of local AM and FM radio from truly exotic and remote areas of the earth.

The link to "The Radio Garden" is or just click the screen capture image below. The site passes all my filters for any "bad stuff" and is a non-profit organization. Just zoom out and "spin the globe" to visit anywhere that interests you - then click on the green dots to hear that station in real time.

Note that it's a graphically-intensive website that may not view correctly or at all on some older or lower horsepower computers and browsers. But I've tried it on every device I own, from phones to powerful desktops, and it works great on everything I've tried. If your browser has trouble with the link, try a different browser.

Have fun - in many ways, it's like the SWL days of old - just virtualized using digital audio feeds from afar.


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